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Training Programmes

Our Services

Training Programmes


Personality Development

We have seminars and workshops on Personality Development. Spiritual awareness programmes are also available for promoting mental health and solving Personality disorders.

Problems in Adolescence

However, the incidence and prevalence of chronic diseases in adolescence are on the rise and likely are due to an earlier onset of obesity-associated disorders,

Family Problems

Do you need professional advice about your family relationships? Is your marriage in crisis? Do your children criticize you and are disrespectful toward others? If so, let our grace counselling help you address these personal and family issues.


At Grace Counselling Center, we believe that parents can be the best teachers and role models of their children. We want to assist in creating a more peaceful, trusting environment within young children which will serve as a foundation for learning.

Our Activities

Our Services

Our Activities


Charity Work

We are here to help you find comfort and peace. Through counselling, we aim to relieve stress and restore balance. Our counsellors are qualified to help people in many ways, including but not limited to personal problems, relationship issues, parenting challenges, and family violence.

Group Counseling

Grace Counselling Center offers the most comprehensive individual, couples and family counseling services.. Our therapists are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality care with a focus on compassion and understanding.

Counseling Courses

Counseling Courses at Grace Counselling Center are designed to give you tools for a successful and fulfilling life. You will learn to understand yourself better, resolve conflicts with others and find new ways to make decisions by deeply understanding yourself and other people..

Mental Health Work

We bring the best of both worlds together to create smart, practical, and expert counselling sessions for all ages. By exposing the root problems that cause mental health issues, we can help people focus on their own strengths and develop new strategies to live happier and healthier lives.

Counselling Activities

Our Services

Counselling Activities


Adolescence Counseling

Grace Counselling Center is actively working to empower adolescents as well as their families. At Grace, we aim for the best outcomes for our clients by creating a safe and secure environment that contributes to their personal growth and helps them deal with life challenges

Individual Counseling

Grace Counselling Center provides individual counselling to women and men who are struggling with life issues. We use first hand experience, in-depth knowledge and understanding of the human mind and behavior, to help you overcome any problems that may be holding you back.


Our therapists work individually with each person. We use a combination of cognitive behavioral and other psychotherapeutic approaches to overcome problems, relieve stress and distress, enhance relationships, enhance self-esteem and improve quality of life.